Smart Students

In an earlier blog I raved about the ability of students to have an impact on the world.

Here are two wonderful examples of Canadian university students using their academic prowess to address some of the most difficult and heart wrenching issue out there.

Speak Magazine--Children's Rights

Speak Magazine--Children's Rights

Firstly, please read Speak Magazine. This brilliant and beautiful publication is a collection of articles on children’s rights. The magazine was published, edited and written by students  across Canada (mainly jhr Chapter members, I’m pleased to say). Joe Rayment and Kate O’Neil at UBC took the lead on this. Both should have amazing careers ahead of them based on this work. It has been distributed across dozens of universities from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Congrats.

The second publication you need to check out is Writes in Review. This is a peer-reviewed online academic journal focused on human rights and social justice issues. Students across Canada submitted articles to the journal, which were then reviewed and selected by other students. It is perhaps the finest example of a student reviewed journal I have ever seen. Congrats on Brett Nguyen at U of T for heading this up.

If the future is in these student’s hands, I’m optimistic.


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