Sex as a Weapon – For Good

Ida Odinga--Sex Denier

Ida Odinga--Sex Denier

In a remarkable turn of fate, women across Kenya are denying sex to their husbands to protest the growing political turmoil in the country. Kenya, traditionally one of Africa’s powerhouses, has been a victim of years of nasty political rivalries, culminating in national violent riots last year. While President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga have tried to make peace, their shaky coalition looks like it might be coming apart, which could push the country back into a period of instability. Read the story here.

Odinga’s wife is on board, urging her husband to focus on his job, not on her.

On a continent where a women’s sex is more often than not a liability, this campaign is a breath of fresh air. While withholding sex isn’t a woman’s only power card, it’s a first step to asserting independence—and a little bit of worthwhile sass.


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